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A Dollop of Diamonds | The Weekly Dollop – July 22, 2015
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The Weekly Dollop – July 22, 2015

The Weekly Dollop – July 22, 2015

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New posts are on the way! I promise! I’ve been super busy with all this New York stuff which I will tell you all about soon (read: procrastinating), but in the meantime, here are some things I found around the internet.


It’s summer! Which means tons of relaxation and time to do whatever you want, whether it’s reading a good book or seeing a movie, or having a spa day!


Yes I realize it’s July 22. But this video of some fireworks is super cool.  Even if it is a little late.


This is pretty much the coolest thing ever. This may be everygirl’s dream apartment. Next time I go to Paris, you can guarantee this is on my to-see list.


Summer also means travel! If you, like me, always tend to carry a little too much stuff with you, here is one of my favorite blogger’s guide to packing the perfect carry-on.


Here’s something to brighten your day: This guy goes to Italy and eats a lot of food. Kinda general but like, trust me, it’s great.

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